Daoud company produces doors, beds and other beautiful materials for the home

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Gatore Landry Nandhi is from Gitega province. Since he was still a child, he was interested in carpentry. He created the Daoud company in 2017 which produces materials for the home such as beds, tables, different types of chairs, windows, doors, boards, wardrobes and all other furniture made with boards.

Gatore took up the carpentry profession while studying in primary school. When he was in high school, he combined studies and carpentry. He then launched his own company in 2017, which he named Daoud Company.

During exhibition-sale

When I started, no organization supported me. I bought equipment with the money I earned by working for other people. Once they paid me and I saw that I could buy one of the materials, I had to buy it. I continued working like that, once I got paid again, I had to buy another one and when I finished collecting equipment, I started my own business,” recounts Gatore.

Gatore has faced the problem of lack of sufficient equipment until today. However, he has not thrown in the towel.

Furniture made by Daoud Company

The Daoud company is now growing faster has thus hired 20 workers. They envision to hire up to 50 workers in five years. They also want to sell materials that are difficult to find in Burundi, which are used is carpentry.

Gatore advises young people to work and those who underestimate work to change their minds because any professioncan help someone survive.

Bed made by Daoud Company

I started it in difficult conditions because this profession was carried out by illiterates and lay people. The students made fun of me and the teachers told me that I would be nothing. But now the ones who made fun of me are the ones who come to apply for jobs”, he advises the young.

The Daoud Company is located in in Gitega, Yoba district, Ruvyironza avenue, no.12


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