Who Is Thereze Miburo, the Proud Burundian Female Stand-up Comedian Living in Australia?

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Thereze Miburo is surnamed Mukundabantu. She loves people and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Born in Burundi, she was raised in a refugee camp in Tanzania. She is currently lives in Australia. She is a mother of five children. Apart from her High School Maths teacher in Australia, she is a promising stand-up comedian.

Born of big family, storytelling and sharing laughter have always been part of her life.  « I have always enjoyed sharing funny stories with my family and friends. At school, I would enjoy  jokes with my classmates at break time», she recalls.

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Before she officially started comedy, she used to entertain Burundians in Australia in different events through jokes. She used to do it for fun. In  2018, she decided to take a short comedy course  and performed stand-up comedy in English for the first time in front of non Burundians. « I got a lot of positive feedback and I decided to continue.  I perform in weddings and different events», she tells.

Female comedians are not common in Burundi. However, she managed to make it. “My mottoes are very simple “Where there is a will there’s a way” and “A day without laughter is a day wasted”, she confides.

Thereze Miburu with her five kids

She adds, “Uwuzi ico ashaka ntafata ico abonye” (if you know what you want you don’t take whatever you come across).  I found my courage in knowing that stand-up comedy is part of who I am.  Some people  think that women only belong in the kitchen but it does not discourage me. In the 21st century there are no longer only men or women’s jobs. I encourage women and girls to pursue their dreams in any domain of their interest.”

Thereze Miburo and her crew dancing traditional songs of Burundi

Thereze is a qualified High School Maths teacher in Australia. She also has hobbies namely Kirundi poetry writing, swim teaching and Kirundi/English interpreting. “I love Burundian culture dance.”

Note that Thereze left the Burundi in 1995 and I have not been back ever since. “I miss Burundi very badly”, she regrets.

Would you suggest Thereze to organize an stand-up comedy event in Burundi?

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