Meet Pazzos Bi, the Burundian Reggae Singer who Lives in Mexico

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His true name is Pascal BIMENYIMANA. Pazzos Bi is a singer, author, compositor and music producer from Burundi. He lives now in Mexico and his songs are produced in Kirundi, French, English and in Spanish. He was born in 1989 at Ruzo in Giteranyi commune, Muyinga province in North-East of Burundi. He did his studies at Ruzo in Muyinga before going ahead with university studies at Bujumbura. Apart from singing, he wants also to become a writer with the aim of rendering the constructive message to the society.

Pazzos Bi. ARR

Before going to Mexico, Pazzos Bi went to Kinshasa, in Democratic Republic of Congo for studies reasons. He profited the musical instruments like Rumba style with a guitar from there. “I also come in Mexico to study and the stay in Mexico permitted me to integrate Mexican culture”, he says.

His first steps in music statred at secondary school

Pazzos Bi started singing since 2009 as a member of a small guitarist band named “God’s Boys” at secondary school. They used to partake in cultural vigils in boarding school and other opportunities in school competitions. “Step by step I evaluated in learning musical instruments like guitar, piano, what really helped me to join the music world in 2013 with my first productions”, he tells.

He bound on the Reggae because according to him, it is the music of deep meditation in building a better world. “Reggae is my prophecy rhythm, i.e. I have to announce the truth but also to point out the lie and the shrill ink in the society”, he announces. 

Pazzos Bi playing a guitar. ARR

Now he has two albums namely “The Inner peace” and “Love Yourselves”, even though all songs do not appear on the music actual platform. Now he is trying to share little by little his songs and work so as the world get access on them. “Today, around ten songs are accessible on all platforms under the name of Pazzos Bi. With no any collaboration until now, whereas there are some requests. He says that it is somehow cumbersome to collaborate with others musician, “but this is priority in my project carrier”, he reveals.

How does it seem to do music in Mexico?

In Mexico, as he recounts, to be a singer is to join in the musician world because the country has therefore a high level in the music. Music is learned like in all over schools and also the musical instruments without forgetting the art of singing. The music has the great importance in the country and the great historical reference a part from historians and authors. “You can easily live with music in a country that likes music and its artists. The only thing to do is to integrate in local music genres and Reggae for truly saying does not take apart in it until today”, he says. 

With his singing carrier, he has a good experience with some groups of Burundian singers, with clear constructive ideas that inspire the society like Lion Story in Reggae style and in other musician styles like Sat-B, Big Fizzo, Natasha, Kidumu, B- Face, Mr. Champagne, etc. “I, in general, like Burundian music because all is there. There is advertisement music for dance but also the inspirational music and learning like Reggae style”.

According to Pazzos Bi, the Burundian traditional music is the foundation of the history of a country and musicians. In brief, he thinks anyone as Burundian artist has a minimal inspiration of the traditional music because it maintains the culture of a country. “Back on that vocal technique of our ancestors, the dance on rhythm which identify us as Burundians, back on the instruments of local music, … according to me, traditional music is the root of Burundian modern music.

If all goes well, Pazzos Bi would like to organize a concert in his native country Burundi in 2024. But it’s all to prepare and to plan. Concluding, he recommends to emergent singers to engage and be regular in their works. “The actual world obliges us to get the place where people are such as on the websites, music platforms, on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple music, Sound cloud, etc. It is all the time self-engagement, but when a new born is there, it is the starting journey of education. It is the same in the music. Once the song is uploaded, each artist is busy with its sharing”.    

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