MaDyCo Donates 40 Benches to Gihinga Basic School

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Massive Dynamic Company-MaDyCo, owned by Pierre Claver Niyungeko, donated to the Gihinga Basic School benches made with Eucalyptus planks and sanitary pads to the female pupils of15 years old. The whole donationwas valued at 4 million. This happened on Gisovu hill, Kiyenzi zone, Kanyosha commune in Bujumbura, on September 18, 2023 the day of the beginning of the school year 2023-2024 throughout Burundi.

In his speech, the representative of MaDyCo, Pierre Claver Niyungeko declared that they gave to that school those benches in order to contribute to the development of Burundi as well as to invite others to love the country and to developit. « It is a compassionate activity that we carry out through our entrepreneurship. To that, this is how we would like to transmit the message of courage to all Burundians », he says.

Pierre Claver Niyungeko, the representative of MaDyCo

Appreciating the donation, the Kanyosha Commune administrator Triphine Safari requested the donor to keep helping that school with what they can. « You see that the classrooms are still at construction site level. We still need many other things like doors, windows, good latrines and cement. Once you can afford it, keep the same heart and come back and help us », she insists.


Kanyosha Commune Admnistrator, Triphine Safari

Gihinga Basic School extends from nursery school to six primary schools. Most of the pupils who study there are from Batwa community. And this school sends quite often their pupils to to go on their studies in the schools of excellence. « Now we have bought land next to this school. We want there to be built a 7th basic school classroom in the coming days », says the headmaster of the school Canesius Manirambona

The headmaster of the Gihinga Basic School, Canesius Manirambona

Mariane Niyonzima, teacher in this 3rd year and a parent who has a child there, Emmanuel Banzubaze appreciated the donation very much. « Previously, pupils were seated 5 by 5 per bench, but now the shortage of benches is reduced. »

The MaDyCo representative concluded by inviting them to take care of the benches and gave them a one-year warranty for any damage to these benches.


Etienne Ndayikengurukiye

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