Daniel Kibamba, The Skillful Drawer and Painter

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Nicknamed Dany Daniel Art, Daniel Kibamba is an expert in drawing. He is one of the children supported by their parents in his art of drawing from his childhood. If he draws you, you may think he took a photo of you. Some people have seen a person he drawn and say “This man truly rather creates than drawing”.

Daniel said he started drawing at his young age like many children do when they start school. Most of the time parents in Burundi prohibit their children from drawing thinking that they could not follow in class. But, by doing so, they forget that every person is created with his own talent. He must develop himself from childhood.

Daniel was lucky to be born of parents who know what a talent is. His father passed away whereas he was the one who used to support and encourage him. Thus, he sent him at ETSA Gitega (Ecole Technique Secondaire d’Art). « Thanks to my late father, I did my first steps in drawing. He contributed much and he bought materials such as pens, sheets of paper, colors, etc. He is the one who decided to go to study ETSA in Gitega.»

Daniel regrets his father died early. “If he were alive, he would have to enjoy my great progress in drawing as it was his main wish,” says Daniel.

Daniel is endowed with a special talent of drawing. He graduated from the school of the art of drawing in Gitega. As he says, every starting point is always tough, Daniel had no model artist when he started learning it. He used to draw what was coming from his mind and was always wishing to step forward.

That’s why when he was in the second year in ETSA Gitega, he wanted to draw using a pen, “I wanted to check if I could draw using a pen. I did research on google and I found that it’s possible. Before I was using a pencil only. Then, I was thinking that drawing using a pen which contains ink may not work for me because there are some corrections when there is something wrong. Afterwards, I discovered that it’s easy to use a pen and I continued using it.»

Daniel draws portraits and other drawings using a black and blue pen. He even has drawn a trending star from Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz and many others. His clients may testify whether he is good at drawing or not.

We let you know that Daniel does not use pens only, he uses all skills he got at school. That is why we invite Burundian youths who have already finished their studies to use the skills they got at school in ordinary life in order to develop as Daniel does by making a living from his art.

Melchisedeck Boshirwa

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