Bon Naturel Produces Powder Milk From Cow Milk That Can Be Stored For Two Or Three Years

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After completing her studies in Banking and Insurance at Christ Roi de Gitega, Belangine Iradukunda joined her friends to share ideas on how to find the solution to the problem faced by milkmen of not storing milk for a long time. They thought about producing powder milk from cow milk.

They were lucky to talk about their project with young people who were trained by Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ: Programme d’autonomisation économique et d’emploi des jeunes) who helped them in doing research and implementing  their project.

Belangine Iradukunda

Then, in July 2023 they started their company “Bon Naturel” which produces powder milk from cow milk and remains with its original taste. The milk they produce is of three kinds: there is milk for children aged 1 month to 6 months, milk for children aged 6 to 12 years and finally milk for adults. Children’s milk lasts three years whilst adult milk two years.


Bon Naturel products

However, even if their project becomes the solution for many people, problems never lack. “For instance, we have challenges of lack of equipment but also the place to carry out our activities…”, she says.


Bon Naturel team

Bon Naturel’s vision is to produce a lot of powdered milk so that no cow milk can never be expired in stores and also to fight against diseases caused by malnutrition in general.

Today, they do not have a specific location to carry out their activities. However, they are located in the Yoba district in Gitega, where the SOFADI company carries out its activities.


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