Wilson Niyonzima, Former Employee at COOPEC Turned Slippers Producer in Rutegama!

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Wilson Niyonzima decided to resign from job at COOPEC after seeing that the salary he was receiving could not help him to attain his goals.  He created the company WILSON AGRO PRODUCTS in 2020 about agriculture, modern animal husbandry, and the manufacture of poultry feed. At the beginning of 2023, he created another company called WILSON SHOES MANUFACTURE which manufactures slippers.


Wilson Niyonzima in his chicken coop

No vision, no success 

Many of his neighbors, as well as his former colleagues,  used to tell him that he was mentally ill because they couldn’t understand how he left his job to implement his projects. The discouragement and the low capital were among the challenges he encountered. However, given that he has already engaged himself, he didn’t throw into the towel.


Today, Wilson is proud of his decision he made as he is sure he will realize his dreams.  He has already hired 4 employees. Apart from hiring a good number of people, he envisions is that, within five years, his company can be able to be productive on the same level as Indian, Italian… companies in such a way that foreigners can come to buy the products made in Burundi.

Poultry feed made in WILSON AGRO PRODUCTS

He wishes that every Burundian could do the introspection and find out the talent s/he has that s/he could exploit for it is what will help him/her to realize his/her dreams. « Don’t underestimate the work. Anything you do with passion leads to development. And for those who work for others, they have to do savings for small projects they will be implementing once retired.”

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