Trésor Ndayishimiye, the Student Who Breeds Rabbits and Builds Modern Rabbit Hutches

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Nicknamed Yaya, Trésor Ndayishimiye comes from Gitega province, Bugendana commune. He now lives in the Mushasha district of Gitega. He studies at the Polytechnic University of Gitega in the department of Electronic and Computer Maintenance, ECM in English, but he is an entrepreneur in rabbit breeding and the construction of modern hutches which separate compost from pee.


Trésor Ndayishimire in front of the hutch he built

Trésor started breeding rabbits and building rabbit hutches in 2022. He researched how to build rabbit hutches and started building his rabbit hutch. “I started with very little capital as a beginner in the rabbit breeding business. But now, I see myself little by little moving forward,” he confides.

He adds that they mainly use beams, sheets, wiring, nails and pipes to build the hutches.


Trésor Ndayishimiye, building a hutch

In entrepreneurship, there is never a shortage of challenges. Trésor has encountered many different problems, from people discouraging him to clients not paying for his work or paying a small amount of money. “Some might tell me that what I do is shameful, that I couldn’t do that because it can’t help me flourish. There are those who, when I have finished building the hutch, do not pay me easily even though we negotiated before starting the work. All of these things may be the cause for me of not having the means to build hutches for other clients. There are also those who are afraid of the cost of building the hutch, claiming that it is expensive without taking into account the cost of the work and the cost of the materials needed. Others need me to make good quality doghouses when they want to pay a little money. Others need me to make good quality hutches whereas they want to pay a little money”, he regrets.


The hutch built by Trésor Ndayishimiye

Despite all the challenges, Trésor never throws in the towel. “I understand that we are not all the same and that we handle things differently. I stay focused and stuck to my goal that I want to achieve, because if someone gives their time to a person who brings nothing to their life, they will end up destroying their success,” says Trésor.

Today, Trésor is proud of its level of development and wants to move to the next level. He also wants to hire other young people through his profession to help them develop.


Rabbit in the hutch built by Trésor Ndayishimiye

Trésor advises young people to work hard while they still have strength and energy. He exhorts them not to despise a job and not to worry when they are dirty because of the work they do. “You may be underestimated, but stay focused and work hard. Avoid unnecessary drinking, reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption. In addition to this, you should keep in mind that your parents’ fortune does not belong to you. Then you must learn to fight for your life. Note that a small capital is that which generates the big one.

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