Shaza Nawe, The First Ever Cooperative Which Sews Only Jeans Clothes In Burundi

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Sonia Tuyishimire graduated from the Light University of Bujumbura, in the faculty of law. With the support of PAEEJ (Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program), she recently launched the Shaza Nawe cooperative which sews all styles and fashions of clothing in JEANS fabrics.

After seeing that many people like clothes made from JEANS fabrics, and that if someone goes to buy them, they cannot choose the fashion they need because they are imported from abroad, I thought of creating a cooperative that would sew all JEANS fashions according to customer needs. It was difficult for me to start, especially to obtain JEANS fabrics. I was used to buying clothes sewn in JEANS, tear them and sew them back together according to the customer’s wishes. I am very grateful to the PAEEJ (Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program) because it supports me to carry out my project well,” says Sonia.


Visit of the National Coordinator of PAEEJ Burundi.


As Sonia is still in her early stages, she is still facing many different problems such as lack of a machine that adds stamps or logos on the clothes to identify that they were made in Shaza Nawe, etc. But little by little, she is thriving to find a solution because the number of people ordering from their shop is increasing day by day.

Sonia’s project has become the solution for many people. “Many people come to our Shaza Shop to make different clothes with JEANS fabrics,” she says happily.

Sonia appeals to the government, and all those who can, to launch a company in the coming years that could produce JEANS fabrics in Burundi in order to obtain them easily.


Sonia Tuyishimire in Shaza Shop

The vision of Sonia’s cooperative is that any Burundian who wants clothes in JEANS fabrics will never go to another address, but rather head to Shaza Nawe so that they can sew  for them any style in JEANS fabrics he wants. “I also want our clothes made in our Shaza Nawe cooperative to be available on the international market,” she continues.

Sonia advises other young people that anyone who has access to the Internet may not waste their time for nothing, but may look for things that could hone their skills and take advantage of opportunities because there are a lot and therefore choose what to do for their betterment.

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