Musosi Mix, the First Ever Burundian Tomato Paste Production Company

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Created by Sultan Souleyman with the aim of launching a tomato paste production company in Burundi, Musosi Mix is ​​distributed throughout Burundi. As a businessman, Sultan created Musosi Mix because he has been selling tomato paste for around ten years as a supplier.

I have been working here in Burundi for more than ten years. As part of my professional and commercial activities, I sell tomato paste. But for a while I was a supplier to another company. I worked with them for a long time. The company sells tomato paste and, since I have been doing this work for a long time and know it very well, I created my own company which I called Musosi Mix, which started selling new tomato spaste, good, delicious and cheap. This is how I chose to create my own business to develop myself,” he confides.

Sultan Souleyman, Founder of Musosi Mix

Sultan continues to tell us that the tomato paste from his company Musosi Mix is ​​now available everywhere in Burundi. “We bring it in and sell it to merchandise sellers who have experience and do it every day. We sell it to them at low prices. As it passes from one seller to another and to the other sellers, everyone adds their profit. But, when it reaches consumers, the price of our tomato paste varies between 500 and 600 BIF per package depending on the place of sale,” he explains.

Sultan reveals that he is planning to start a tomato paste production company in Burundi because even when he started this Musosi Mix Company, he already had the vision. “Many people know me throughout SS Entreprise thanks to the Miss Burundi competitions that I organize. There are even people who think that’s all I do. In the future, we plan to launch a tomato sauce production company. We are now studying what is necessary, what is possible and if the tomato harvest we have here can be sufficient to produce tomato paste or if we can look for another type of tomato », he says.

Regarding the tomato harvest which can be abundant until the tomatoes are found rotten in the fields or due to sun rays, Sultan says Musosi Mix will be the solution to this problem. However, he adds that not all tomatoes can be used to produce tomato paste, especially for Musosi Mix, as it produces a concentrated and delicious tomato paste. “If we look at the tomatoes we have, or the ones we eat every day, normally they are not very good to produce and contain enough concentration to get quality tomato paste depending. There are tomatoes used to produce tomato sauce but this is not yet available in Burundi. But they started growing F1 tomatoes somewhere. If we find it enough, it will help us produce the tomato paste we need “, he emphasizes.

Sultan Souleyman, Founder of Musosi Mix

As Musosi Mix plans to hire a lot of staff after implementing the company, Sultan advises young people to think about starting an income-generating business, especially those who have graduated and are still applying for jobs here and there. “You go to school to learn. Before acquiring knowledge, you already have the intelligence to live for yourself, to do what you want. So you don’t go to school because you have knowledge, you go to school because you have intelligence. So when you finish your studies and have acquired such knowledge and you see that you have not found a job yet, you take the knowledge you have acquired and your intelligence, you put it all together and think about what you must do. And I advise everyone to do what they want. So I advise young people to do their best and create cooperatives as they continue to encourage us because even if you have another job, you will find something else to do. You can sell small things in the neighborhood or the district when you go home from work, instead of wasting time doing nothing, you can sit in your store, take out small things and make your way into entrepreneurship », he concludes.

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