Mpawenayo makes bicycles and motorcycles for people with disabled legs

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Yves Mpawenayo studied Electromechanics at ETS (Secondary Technical School) of Kamenge. Later, he was trained online in making bicycles for people with disabled legs in China. He launched Electromeca Company in 2021 which makes bicycles, small motorcycles used by people with disabled legs for moving. The company is located in Bujumbura City, in Jabe district next to Mutoyi.

Apart from what Yves makes has similarities with what he studied, he found that he is endowed with a strong natural talent in what he is doing today. He made locally a bicycle and a motorcycle which help people with disabled legs to move easily as well as many of them are not able to buy those bicycles or motorcycles from abroad.

Yves informs that he faced some challenges in his project such as the small capital he started with, a small space he works in, and people who do not believe that his bicycles or motorcycles function better than the imported ones, as they’re made in Burundian, etc.

However, Yves confides that he didn’t throw in the towel. He feels even proud for his project was selected among the 11 promising projects of young entrepreneurs awarded by the President of the Republic of Burundi Evariste Ndayishimiye on the Inkerebutsi Day that was held on February 10,2023.

Yves advises young people who are not yet committed to development to rise and work because the development they need will be achieved by themselves.

Etienne Ndayikengurukiye


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