KuTo Art, The Twins’ Company of Crocheting Clothes and Sandals

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The twins, Merveille Kaneza and Amandine Kanyamuneza were born in Cankuzo province. Today, they are entrepreneurs who knit clothes and shoes. They started that profession after their university studies in Bujumbura city where they reside today.


Kaneza and Kanyamuneza are a typical example of brave and courageous girls. Even though Merveille Kaneza studied Anesthesia and Resuscitation and Amandine did Management and Administration, these twins didn’t ever close their arms waiting to be hired. They started crocheting and knitting to self-develop and to create their own jobs.

Nowadays, they have a slightly comfortable life thanks to entrepreneurship. Merveille trained her sister Amandine how toknit, and currently, the twins share everything. “My twin-sister used to crochet and to make shoes by knitting. I later bought a needle and she taught me how to knit. After being familiar with holding the needle, I started getting some clients. Now, I am making money,” said Amandine by explaining how she started.

Kanyamuneza knits children’s clothes, clothes for men and women, scarves, tablecloths for tables covering. She invites youth to first change their mentality and take into account the non-permanence condition. “Some years ago, once a student graduated, it was very easy to get a job. But today, it is sorrowful to find in the garbage someone’s diplomawhereas they struggled studying and paying school fees and end up down streets wandering by applying for jobs that can be found,” Said Kanyamuneza.

Amandine sensitizes youth to avoid fear and to not underestimate jobs pretending that they are shameful ones. « From zero one may be a hero if he changes his mentalities and dares to work the supposed shameful jobs. »

She concludes. « It is not the capital we, the youth, don’t have. The only problem is our mindset because we don’t even have projects to execute. That’s why we’re poor. Then, it is better to deal with schools and at the same time learn how to create our own jobs. Even though it is like that, no one does what he doesn’t like. No need to choose to do what our friends do. Rather, it is better to do what you’re passionate about.”

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