Gad Brighton, One of the Young Burundians Endowed with Many Talents!

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Gad Niyomukunzi, known under the nickname as Gad Brighton, is one of the young Burundians with many talents. Nowadays, he is in the United States of America for Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders at the University of Nevada, Reno.

From slammer-poet, guitarist, painter to songs writer and singer, Gad Brighton has proved to many that he is a skillful person endowed with many talents that he was able to exploit. Today, he has set up an organization that makes various decorative items from pplastic bottles so as to protect the environment.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, as a busker, Gad Brighton used to sing in public places where many people gather in Bujumbura

Quite often, he used to sing near the former Central Market of Bujumbura and many people couldn’t pass without glaring at the first ever busker in Bujumbura. “Some people consider someone who sings in a public place as a beggar, but the busker sells his talent,” said Gad Brighton, a bit disappointed.

Who is Gad Brighton?

Gad Brighton was born on February 15, 1990 in South Kanyosha of the city of Bujumbura. In 2000, he completed the primary studies in Rukinga in Rumonge province. He continued the secondary studies in the Cibitoke boarding school since 2006. Since then, he began to be motivated by English and started to cover songs of rap and Hip Hop from 2PAC , Eminem and JAY-Z. He was nicknamed Tanganyika Street Rapper.

Afterwards, he learned how to play acoustic guitar because he had already started composing his own songs. From there, he started doing shows at school and even outside of the school.

His vision of becoming a great musician didn’t stop there because in 2012 he joined the Freedom Forever Band. He was doing karaoke in different pubs in Kanyosha and Kinindo districts.

In 2018, Gad Brighton was selected to attend the training of YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa

How did he become a busker?

Gad Brighton thought of entertaining people as a busker in public areas since 2015. After that, their brand which was holding karaokes night in the Kanyosha and Kinindo bars was split up because some of the members left to live in neighboring countries. He says: “When I was invited to the International Legacy Youth Network, I met passionate buskers. Back to Bujumbura, I started singing in different wedding ceremonies, birthdays, etc. »

Getting the authorization to sing in public areas as a busker in Bujumbura was not easy. “It was not easy to get the authorization from the Mayor of the city of Bujumbura because they did not understand what busking stand for”. After several explanations, in addition to his association which helps street children “I for Street Kids”, he was given an authorization. But now, due to Covid-19, Gad doesn’t sing as a busker in public places. However, he plans to restart.

Apart from being a singer, poet, Gad Brighton makes various decorative items with plastic bottles. “I had an idea after seeing that in Burundi, particularly in the city of Bujumbura, there are many plastic bottles scattered everywhere that can harm the environment”, he explains.

As Gad says, he started making flowers and other decorative items in plastic bottles in 2017. At that time, he was working as a volunteer in Kinindo American Corner. “A lot of people laughed at me because they couldn’t understand how an intellectual person can pick up plastic bottles where cast in the trash ». He therefore created the organization Makerspace Burundi.

As mentioned above, this skillful Gad Brighton is able to do professions. He translates documents from English to Kirundi, from Kirundi to English. He also has a YouTube channel ( ) on which he teaches Kirundi using English to help Burundian children from the Burundian diasporas especially those living in countries that use English language to help them to learn Kirundi easily.

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