Edison Ingabire, The First Burundian To Produce Sugar From Bananas

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Edison Ingabire is from Muramvya province, in Rutegama commune. Nowadays, he lives in Gitega. Edison studied at the Polytechnic University of Gitega in the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

After analyzing the problem of the lack of sugar in recent days in Burundi, Edison thought about finding the solution to this problem faced by Burundians.  He found out that he can make sugar from the banana used to make “urwarwa” (banana wine).

Edison did not hesitate to implement his idea. Subsequently, he spent many days doing research in the laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Gitega to examine whether this sugar would not have harmful effects. He found this sugar very good. As a result, he established the company he named Innovation Room And General Business, which produces sugar from bananas. Now he has distributed the first sugar and it has been consumed.

As there are many bananas in Burundi which are used to make banana wine, he mentions, it will be easy for Edison to obtain enough raw materials for sugar production.

Despite the challenges, Edisson is now well prepared to successfully manage his business and produce sugar.

For those who wish to support him or work in partnership with his company, you can find him  Gitega, in Magarama district, at Avenue Kaziba , No. 28.


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For any inquiry you can call him on +25779494541/ +25768487179 or email him toEmail: 20iroomgb21@gmail.com/edisoningabire@gmail.com

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