30 Years Old, Claver Nsabimana Created Ency Company in Ngozi

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 ENCY COMPANY was launched by Claver Nsabimana. Apart from shift workers, his company has already hired five permanent employees. They carry out all printing services, software design, websites creation, computer networks installation, informatics teachings as well as selling informatics materials.

Claver Nsabimana is grateful for the progress he has made throughout his company. “There is considerable profit because the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ) supported us by granting us a loan.”

Claver Nsabimana in Ency Company office

He continuesIt was difficult at the beginning because, before obtaining the loan, we did not have enough equipment to provide all the necessary services to customers. The biggest problem I faced was the lack of materials. To find a solution, I collaborated with those who had them, but in this case, I had to make a little profit», he adds

The first and fundamental capital with which Claver began and which helped him so much was courage, diligence and reliability in hiswork. “I have experienced many things and people have admired my services because of that. I remember that my capital roots began from childhood, when I raised small pets. Then I grew up with the capital because, even when I was at school, I was supported by what I did.»

Ency Company team in Ency Company office

Claver tells people, those who say they have projects without capital, that to start a business doesn’t imperatively require to have enough money as seed capital. « You need to have a vision and start by the little you have. For example, I received the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ) financial support while I was already an entrepreneur. To that, I live in in Ngozi citywhich is not my native place. And yet, I have a family. »

Talking that the today young Burundian people have opportunities than in those of the former times, Claver advises the today Burundian youth not to lose any opportunity, but rather to seize all opportunities to realize their visions, especially thanks to the support of PAEEJ. « They must know that we are the actors of the better future of Burundi. To that, I advise all young Burundian people to work with courage because development starts from the idea and not from seed capital.

Ency Company team in Ency Company office

For those who need to work or buy informatics materials from Claver who owns ENCY COMPANY, his company carries out its activities in Ngozi, up to the ENGEN Station in front of INTERBANK at National Route 6 in the floor apartment of the Catholic Diocese of Ngozi.


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